6 Traits a Best Friend Must Have

Traits a Best Friend Must Have

Not everyone can be a best friend. In fact, not everyone has a best friend. The reason is that for being a best friend, one must first be eligible for a number of other things. You cannot just make a best friend. You can get a best friend only out of sheer luck. How would you know whether you have a best friend or not? Do you think someone is your best friend? If you are fortunate, you may be right, but it is always better to be sure. A best friend must meet certain requirements. Find out whether they do! Listed here are the 6 traits a best friend must have.

1. They must be non-judgmental

Your best friend should be non-judgmental. They cannot judge you on anything because they accept you for who you are and how you are. So no matter how you look, dress or say, they will never be offended because they are your best friend.

2. They must care for you unconditionally

A best friend loves you and shows their affection without expecting anything in return. It is very difficult to find a person who cares for you unconditionally, but a best friend would do just that. If your best friend always cares for you and stands by you through thick and thin, they are indeed your best friend.

3. They must keep your secrets

You can share and say anything and everything with your best friend. They never divulge any sensitive information about you to anybody, no matter what. In fact, if they cannot keep your secrets, they are not fit to be your friend, forget best friend.

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