6 Tips to Take Care of Your Laptop

Tips to Take Care of Your Laptop

Life without a laptop is unimaginable today. Wherever you go, your laptop goes with you. So, it is important to take care of it in a proper way. Listed below are some tips for looking after your laptop, read on.

1. Clean the keyboard properly

Cleaning the keyboard of your laptop is very important, as it is prone to accumulation of bacteria and dust. It is a must to clean this every week with a special laptop cleaner brush. Wiping it with a cotton cloth will also help to get rid of dust on the keyboard. Use a blower to blow out dust from your keyboard.

2. Choose the right sleeve

It is important to choose the right sleeve for laptop. Do not carry it in thin bag or other bags that are available. This can harm the laptop to a major extent. Carry the laptop in a special laptop sleeve or a padded bag pack, which is available.

3. Install a licensed anti-virus

Install a licensed anti-virus in the laptop. A free version will not detect all the threats easily. A licensed anti-virus not only detects the threats but also prevents threats from affecting the operating system of your laptop.

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