6 Tips To Recognize A Drama Queen

6 Tips To Recognize A Drama Queen

All of us go through stages of anger, disappointment, frustrations and sadness at some point in time in life. However, for a drama queen, going through such stages is a routine. For her even the slightest of things are more than enough to trigger huge explosive emotional outbursts. Unnecessary overreacting in even simple situations is a very common trait found in such a woman. She wants her way anyhow and if things don’t go the way she wants, she will not hesitate to throw tantrums or huge fits for it. Being around such a woman is equal to sabotaging your happy-go-lucky life. In fact, she is like an earthquake or tsunami in your life. Hence, it is important to spot a drama queen from a distance so that right from the beginning you know how to deal with her. We bring to you important tips to recognize a drama queen.

1. She will get angry over little things

If you make her wait for 5 minutes, she’ll react like she had been waiting for 5 hours. If you accidently spill a little drop of water on her dress, she won’t talk to you for at least a day or two till you tell her how sorry you are.

2. She will talk loudly to get attention

If she thinks you are wrong but you refuse to apologize, she will start shouting on a crowded street so that you get embarrased and give in to her demands.

3. She will use her tears as a weapon

If nothing else works for her to get her way, she will resort to tears. Crying is something that comes very easily to her. She cries when she spots her boyfriend talking to another girl and she cries if her boss gives her an angry stare for not completing her work. And when she cries, she will do it in such a manner that others come to know about it.

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