6 Tips to Plan a Secret Party at Your Place

6 Tips to Plan a Secret Party at Your Place

Who does not dream of that amazing house party where everyone has the best time of their life? Who does not want to throw that party at their own place? Trouble is, how will you throw a party and keep it down so that you are not caught? Here are some easy steps that will ensure you will stay out of trouble even after a hell of a celebration. That is, unless you have an extremely rotten luck! Given here are tips to plan a secret party at your place.

1. Plan

If you know you will be having the house to yourself, call up your best friend(s) and start hatching the plan for the party. Who will be invited? Who will arrange what? The planning need not be elaborate but it needs to take care of the basic requirements – the music, the food, the booze!

2. When the cat is away, you play!

When you are sure your parents are leaving the house to you, call/text everyone whom you want to be at your amazing ‘party’, and keep the approximate time to begin at as at least two hours after you have the home to yourself.

3. Check for nosy neighbors

If you are lucky, you will be inviting your neighbors. If you are not, then make sure you keep the music just loud enough to avoid complaints. If they still tell your folks, tell them you were working on something at the coming gig somewhere. Keep your calm and lie, a little white lie to have a good time never hurt anyone.

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