6 Tips to Monitor Your Child’s Online Presence

6 Tips to Monitor Your Child's Online Presence

Teens, preteens and even younger kids can be glued to the internet for hours. If you are having anxiety attacks about what your kids are doing on Facebook, the websites they are visiting or the virtual friends they are making, read on to know how you can control their online presence.

1. Befriend your child on social media

Instead of confronting your child about why he/she is using social media, it is in your favor to become his/her ally. In the long run, your child will use social media in any case, so the earlier you brace yourself for it, the better. Befriend your child on all the social networking platforms that he/she has a profile on to keep a subtle tab on what he/she is doing.

2. Look up your child’s name online

An easy way to trace your child’s footprints all across the internet is to type his/her name in the search bar of a search engine and closely examine the results. You will immediately come to know if your child has been posting anything alarming, if he/she has been tagged in compromising pictures or if there is any slurry content about him/her.

3. Use security software on your child’s PC

There are many security tools available in the market that can help you as a parent to control and track your child’s online activities. Once you install such software in your child’s computer, it can track the amount of time your child spends online, which websites he/she visits as well as keep a tab on any other conspicuous online activities.

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