6 Tips to Make Your Friends Happy this Christmas

6 Tips to Make Your Friends Happy this Christmas

If your family is something you are born into, then friends are the family that you get to make and that makes them all the more special. Your friends give you a lot in life. The money that you would need to borrow occasionally, the support you might need when you are going through a difficult time, a shoulder to cry when you are getting out of a breakup, a doormat when you have to vent out your frustrations and a constant companion in your times of grief and happiness. When they are an integral part of your lives and make you happy, it only makes sense that you reciprocate and do the same and much more to keep them happy. And Christmas could be a great time to repay some of the kindness they have shown you.

1. Exercise some random act of kindness

Call them, text them or send them an email telling them that you have been thinking of them as you are celebrating Christmas and that you would have loved to have them over for Christmas. Send them something that would remind them of the times that you spent together so that they can also relive the memories.

2. Be there for them

If they are going through a difficult time, then make sure that you are there for them. You could be their emotional support or if it is money they are short of then try to pitch in as much as you can so that they too can be happy during the holiday season.

3. Invite them over

If your friends are single and do not have a family to spend Christmas with, you should invite them over to spend Christmas with your family and share the joy of Christmas together. No one should spend a lonely Christmas, especially your friends when there is something you can do about it.

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