6 Tips to Look Good Even When You are Not Well

Tips to Look Good Even When You are Not Well

Having to attend an important meeting or go out for a social event on a day that you are unwell can be tough. You may have to use a little makeup or spruce up your appearance so that no one else knows that you are down and out. If you are bothered about how to look good even when you are sick, follow these tips.

1. Brush your hair well

If you have been lying in bed all day because of ill health, your hair can be in terrible shape. It may be all tangled up and knotted. The first thing you may want to do is to brush your hair smooth so that no one can make out that you have hit the bed. If you have the energy, tie your hair into a nice plaid or a high ponytail to look neat and fresh.

2. Wash your face with warm water

Before you seek help of your makeup kit to look beautiful when you are sick, first get down to the basics and cleanse your face. Wash your face with lukewarm water so that you can get rid of all the fatigue on your face. Warm water will help you exfoliate and will open up the pores of your skin to absorb more moisture.

3. Cheer up your cheeks with blush

To instantly look perky when you are sick, use light blush on your cheekbones to make them look rejuvenated. Rosy cheeks are always a sign of good health. Instead of caking up your dehydrated face with wet foundations or primers, use dry blush to give your cheeks a perky lift. Stick to non shimmering shades. When you are unwell, your aim should be to look cheery, not glamorous.

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