6 Tips to Identify a Frenemy

Tips to Identify a Frenemy

Although women have their female best friends whom they swear by, they also have many frenemies. Frenemy is actually an enemy in the guise of a friend. Surely, every female has encountered this kind of a poisonous woman in her life at least once. Think of each of your female friends while browsing through this list for you never know when you would be able to spot a frenemy among them.

1. She will not be happy about your success

While you would expect a true friend to express happiness about your success, this particular friend will not really say much about it. She will not want to know much about your happy stories as much as she will have an ear for your sob stories.

2. She will try to take what’s yours

You will see that she will start mixing more with your friends, trying to be popular among them. She can’t really stand attention solely given to you by your group and will often try to change the topic. Also, she would have an eye out for the guy you like and expect you to be her sidekick, not her friend.

3. She will blow hot and cold

One day she will be air kissing you, pretending to be your best girl pal and stick with you throughout the day. Then next day she will treat you just like her other friends. This way she will keep blowing hot and cold, making you think that she may be your genuine friend but the reality is that genuine friends have stable behavior.

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