6 Tips to Handle a Long Distance Marriage

6 Tips to Handle a Long Distance Marriage

It’s bad enough to make a commitment to love, share and make changes for another person in your life when you are married; it just becomes worse when you are in a long distance relationship after you are married. While it is true that absence makes the heart grows fonder, the opposite ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is also a possibility. The physical and geographical distances put a lot of strain in many marriages and cause them to break down or make them stronger. Making a long distance marriage work involves not only love, but a lot of hard work and commitment and here are a few tips to handle a long distance marriage.

1. Make time

Take a few hours each day to talk, video chat or write long letters or emails to each other when you are away. Talking to each other relieves you of the stress at home or work and brings you closer to your spouse. Discussing everyday problems and concerns also gives you a feeling of having the other person around.

2. Plan surprise visits

If you are not into surprise visits, plan regular visits. It may take a lot of time and money to travel and work might not permit you to take time off, but try your best to go visit your family. It makes your spouse feel wanted and your children too won’t miss you too much.

3. Never lose your trust

Trust your spouse as much as you would trust him if here were living with you. There is no reason for him to misbehave in a far off place if he won’t do it here. Love him the same way. It applies to him too, so create an atmosphere of mutual trust. After love, it is trust that makes any relationship work.

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