6 Tips to Give Yourself a Fresh New Look

6 Tips to Give Yourself a Fresh New Look

You all must have heard of the saying “First impression is the last impression”. It’s your look that gives your first impression to a stranger. It helps determine your personality. So if you are not at peace with yourself or your appearance, it’s time to consider working on a fresh you. This does not necessarily mean going through a professional make-over process which will burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some inexpensive tips to get a new look yourself.

1. Ask yourself what do you want to change

First step to changing the way you look is to know which part of yourself are you unhappy with. What is it that makes you uncomfortable in the presence of other people? Whether it’s your hair, body or yourself as a whole? Unless you know what you wish you change, you won’t be able to achieve your goal.

2. Decide on a look you want

Before starting on with the whole process, you need to decide on how you want to present yourself. Some choose the professional look, some happy-go-lucky or tomboyish, some wish to look casual, some gothic, while some others might choose to appear smart and sincere. Your look will determine your personality in front of the world.

3. Get a hair-do

A change in hairstyle can change your appearance in total. You can go from frizzy to straight or from long to short. This completely depends on the look you have chosen for yourself as well as the cut of your face. Consult a hairstylist before the scissor cuts through your hair. Plus, a bit of hair color might turn out to be like the cherry on top.

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