6 Tips to Get Bikini Ready

6 Tips to Get Bikini Ready

Looking like a supermodel with endless toned, smooth legs, perfectly frazzled hair, flawless complexion and a slim body is every woman’s dream. These magazine photo shoots are done by professionals though, with superior cameramen, makeup artists and of course, lots of editing. A proper bikini body is that which fills out the 2 piece garment well, when the woman has her curves intact in the right places. Remember though, that the most important thing while donning a bikini is utmost confidence in yourself, the rest comes easily. Here are some tips to get you ready to hit the beach in a bikini.

1. Get a bikini wax

Since most of your body is going to be seen, it’s a given that you would need to get a full body waxing done, not just of the common areas like arms, legs, back and abs, but also of your private parts and the chest area. Opt for a Brazilian wax if you don’t want to get caught with unbecoming stray hair peeking out from your bikini and get embarrassed.

2. Tone up

It’s wise to give at least a month to your body to get bikini ready. Target the thighs, stomach and butt area since these are highlighted in a 2 piece. Use the gym machines that tone up these parts of the body.

3. Wear a sarong

So what if you have a heavy lower body? It shouldn’t stop you from sporting a bikini. You can look equally fabulous with a matching sarong wrapped around your waist. Remove it before venturing into the water.

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