6 Tips to Get a Chiseled Face

6 Tips to Get a Chiseled Face

You may be successful in losing weight on the rest of your body but slimming and toning your face needs specific exercises and techniques. Here are a few ways using which you can get a chiseled face and a sharp jaw line.

1. Chew gum a few times during the day

Until now, you may have been chewing gum casually or out of habit. But did you know that you could actually use it as an exercise to slim down your face? Chew gum twice or thrice a day to tone the area around your cheeks. This will give your jaw line a lot of exercise and help in keeping it fit.

2. Exercise your eyes

Having a chiseled face doesn’t just mean focusing on your cheeks and your jaw line. Eyes are a vital part of your face and saggy skin beneath your eyes could be keeping your face from looking toned. Exercise your eyes by repeating eye winks for 20-30 times at a stretch. Start with low counts and gradually increase them, otherwise you might tire your eyes out. You can also try squinting your eyes and then opening them wide for a few counts repeatedly.

3. Use makeup strategically

Apart from facial exercises, you can use makeup to give definition to certain parts of your face to make it appear chiseled. Many celebrities and models are known to use specific makeup techniques to get high cheek bones. When you use foundation on your face, apply a slightly darker shade of foundation towards your cheekbones. If you are using rouge, apply it just beneath your cheekbones to make them appear defined. Once you highlight your cheekbones, the rest of your face will appear more chiseled and defined.

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