6 Tips to Date a Guy Who Likes Another Girl

6 Tips to Date a Guy Who Likes Another Girl

Are you stuck up in a 3 angled relationship? Are you dating a guy who likes another girl? These situations can be rather tricky and difficult to handle. They are like a brittle glass, one wrong move and the relationship could break. So here’s how you can handle these sort of situations. Remember to exercise great care.

1. Remember that you are his priority

Always remember that you are the guy’s priority and that he is still dating you over the other girl. If you forget this and fall into the jealousy trap, it will do you no good. All you will end up doing is behaving in a stupid irrational way and losing your relation.

2. Find out the reason

Try and find out why your guy in spite of dating you likes another girl. It could be her looks, money, popularity or maybe he is just trying to make you jealous. If you know why, you can then talk to him about it and find a solution.

3. Don’t lose your identity

Never forget who you are and why the guy started dating you. Never give up your attitude and personality. Don’t try and copy the other girl in any way. By doing this, you are just letting her know that she is getting to you. Pay attention to yourself and take pride in who you are.

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