6 Tips On Telling Your Boyfriend It’s Over

6 Tips On Telling Your Boyfriend It's Over

Breakups can be difficult, painful, heart breaking or easy and smooth. It depends on the kind of relationship you had shared with the person. It is easy when there is a mutual understanding, but when it isn’t break-ups can get real tricky. Sometimes telling your boyfriend can be the most difficult thing when you put too much thought into it, and most women just stay in a relationship and keep postponing it for fear of hurting him or from the fear of getting hurt. However, when you feel the romance is no longer there, it is time to tell him. There is no easy way, but it can be done.

1. Be truthful

Tell him you have something important to discuss and break it to him gently. Explain it to him and make him understand why you have to break up with him. Be honest with your reasons.

2. Drop subtle hints

If you think he can’t handle the truth, begin slowly. Keep dropping subtle hints. Stop going out on dates or refuse to go to bed with him. Pretend you are bored with whatever he does or says.

3. Tell his friends

He will always have friends who may not like you very much. The trick is to let them know first if you don’t want to break the news to him. The friends will not only do it for you but will also make him hate you enough to get over you quick.

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