6 Tips on How to Keep Your Parents from Knowing You have a Boyfriend

6 Tips on How to Keep Your Parents from Knowing You have a Boyfriend

Do you have a boyfriend who you want to keep under the wraps? Are you looking for ways in which you can stop your parents from being nosy about your boyfriend? Here are a few ways in which you can hide your boyfriend from your parents.

1. Introduce him as your friend

If you want to have a secret relationship with your boyfriend without your parents knowing about it, the best way to do so is to introduce him as your friend. The more nonchalant you are about your relationship, the lesser the chances of you spilling the beans about your relationship. Feigning a platonic relationship will also allow you to openly hang out with your boyfriend in the presence of others at your home.

2. Don’t talk about your relationship on social media

If you want to keep your relationship clandestine, make sure you aren’t too vocal about it on social media. If you post pictures on Facebook and Instagram or write about your day’s happenings with your boyfriend on Twitter or Google Plus, you may get easily caught by your parents. Even if your parents aren’t too active online, someone from your family may get to know and tell your secret to them.

3. Save your boyfriend’s name as a girl’s name on your phone

The fact that you are seeing someone means that he will be calling you on your phone frequently. Imagine what would happen if your phone was lying around somewhere and your parents saw a boy’s name flashing on it. They may easily suspect you of seeing someone. Changing your boyfriend’s name to a girl’s name on your phone will give your parents lesser chances to doubt you.

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