6 Tips on How to Dip Dye Nails

6 Tips on How to Dip Dye Nails

Nail art accentuates the beauty of your hands and complements your attire in a new redefining way. There is a lot you can explore with dip dye effects. Here are 6 interesting tips to dip dye your nails.

1. Try a base-tip contrast effect

A great way to dip dye your nails is to apply a base color on them. Let them dry off completely. Use another color to add strokes on the tips of your nails. This helps compliment your garment and also looks very beautiful if you have long nails.

2. Use ombre dip dye extensions

If your nails are short and you want to create a jazzy, blurry effect, you may try using nail extensions. Dip the color in the sponge and brush it with smooth strokes on the extension. You can apply another color on the nails and try to merge the two colors after attaching the extensions.

3. Shades of the same color using the ombre effect

You can create wonders with shades of the same color using the ombre effect. Apply the base color. Let it dry completely. Then apply a darker shade on the rest of your nail so that it blends beautifully creating a light and dark shade effect.

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