6 Second Date Tips for Women

Second Date Advice

Getting those jitters again? Butterflies in your stomach to meet your man? The second date is the time when you have the chance to take your new relationship to the next level. Fishing for compliments, coy looks, mild physical flirting is a great way to begin the first date. But in your second date, you must take your conversation to a different level and try to explore your man by all means possible. Meet up for a lunch or a dinner together where you can get talking rather than meeting up for a movie or to a nightclub.

1. Hold back on controversial topics

Although you will be much more comfortable with your man on the second date, you should still refrain from some red lighted topics such as ex-girlfriends, religious preference, parental divorce (if any) and so on. You may not know the torrid past of your man just yet and hence you should avoid getting into danger zones. It’s a different thing when you talk about these topics on your fourth or fifth date when you’re in a relationship.

2. Don’t expect outcomes on your second date

Don’t be in a hurry to get outcomes from your second date. It is a little early to call it a ‘relationship’ but eventually you will get there. Don’t expect the guy to start treating you like his girlfriend as soon as you’re done with your second date. Give him some time to think about your friendship and how it can blossom into something more. You can still meet for a few more lunch dates before you decide to get into a long term relationship.

3. Fix the duration of the date

You may enjoy taking long walks on the pier or guzzle Arabica coffee on the beach, but you must mentally decide when you want to end the date. Even if you don’t have plans for the evening, you must appear engaged and busy. This will give the other person an impression that you have an interesting and an active social life. This is essential to make a good date and keep your man interested.

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