6 Tips for Making Him More Romantic

6 Tips for Making Him More Romantic

Has there been a lull in your relationship recently? Is your boyfriend’s attention waning away from you? Here are a few things you can do to ignite a romantic spark in him and make him more romantic than ever before.

1. Ignore him

You may be making yourself too easily available to your boyfriend because of which he could have lost interest in you. Don’t make him take you for granted by being there at his beck and call all the time. If you want to make him yearn for you, ignore him and be unavailable whenever he expects you to be there. This will make him sit up and take notice that your attention towards him is not the same as before. As a result, he may try to up his game up becoming more caring and romantic.

2. Be flirtatious in reasonable amounts

Making your boyfriend jealous is a sure shot way to make him realize that he is not being romantic enough. When your boyfriend is looking, flirt with another guy in a way that he becomes jealous. Keep doing this until you notice that your boyfriend has started becoming concerned. Show him that other guys will readily become romantic with you if he doesn’t.

3. Give him subtle verbal hints

It may be the case that your boyfriend wants to become more intimate with you but he doesn’t know how to. If he is introverted and shy, he may find it difficult to flirt with you or woo you in a romantic way. Make it a point to drop subtle verbal hints of being romantic when you talk to him. For example, if you have just seen a romantic movie with him, tell him how you wish be in the actress’ shoes.

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