6 Tips for Dealing With Twin Sibling Rivalry

6 Tips for Dealing With Twin Sibling Rivalry

There is something so cute about watching twins, dressed alike, playing together and doing things in tandem. But alas, it doesn’t last forever. Trouble crops up with the simple things, like the clothes for example; we would love to dress them up in similar clothes, but they rebel wanting to establish their independent tastes and identities. Clothes are just a start. As they grow older and in spite of their special bond they fight and compete over everything just like any other siblings. The balancing act that needs to be done in bringing up twins is extremely difficult and delicate so as to not alienate one from another.

1. Acknowledge the problem

It is important for you to understand and acknowledge that sibling rivalry exists among twins. The more you understand the easier to deal with the problems.

2. Do not take sides

Fights are common between kids and it makes good sense to let them sort it out among themselves. This way there is less acrimony between the twins and no bitter feeling towards you.

3. Let them deal with their fights

Solving their disputes at a young age equips them with important life skills that could be crucial at later stages. They mature and develop an even deeper bonding between themselves.

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