6 Tips for Dating a Younger Man

6 Tips for Dating a Younger Man

Dating patterns of men and women have changed drastically. Women of age 30-40 find young men interesting while, men aged between 40 and 50 are very much interested in young women. Hollywood’s 44-year-old Mariah Carey’s relationship with her nine year younger boyfriend Nick Cannon and pop star Madonna, 54, dating Guy Ritchie, 44 are some of the best examples of such a relationship. So if you are inclined to a young man, don’t panic as it’s a usual phenomenon. To help you out, listed here are some tips for dating a younger man.

1. Make him feel special

Every girl likes it when her boyfriend makes her feel special. So is the case with men. If you want to spend quality time with your young boyfriend, try and make him feel special. Listen to the music he likes and welcome his choices.

2. Appreciate him

Appreciate him timely to show that you like his way of things. Listen to his talks and try to understand his feelings. This way your young man will feel for you and may fall in love with you as well.

3. Dress according to his taste

It is rightly said that first impression is the last impression. So try to make your first impression astonishing. Keep in mind that when your love interest first sees you, he should be left with his mouth open. Always dress up for the day keeping in mind his taste. Find out if your man likes light colored dresses or finds darker shades pleasant.

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