6 Tips for a Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

6 Tips for a Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Going vegan for a thanksgiving dinner has many benefits. For starters, the turkeys can breathe free, without having to be killed, stuffed and baked. And not many people like to see a stuffed turkey in the middle of the table. It makes sense especially if you are inviting a health fanatic crowd, or people from other cultures and traditions for a meal and they do not eat meat, its best that you serve a vegan meal. A thanksgiving dinner can still be fun without the turkey. If at all you want to have a turkey, you can make your main course in the shape of a turkey and carve it out when you are serving. If you do not want to ruffle a few feathers and spare the poor turkeys, here are a few tips to have a tasty vegan thanksgiving dinner.

1. Sweet potato soup

This soup can be made interesting by adding different flavors like nutmeg and coconut milk. Or you can make it spicy by adding bay leaves, thyme and pepper. Onions, carrots and celery to the soup just make it healthier. The sweet, spicy taste with the golden color makes it a good start to your thanksgiving dinner.

2. Pumpkin soup

If you want to stick to the flavor of the season, then you can opt for a pumpkin soup. You can add squashed or roasted peanuts to the soup to give it a different taste. Grated cheese, and lots of it sprinkled over the soup makes it even tastier.

3. Salads with seasonal fruits and vegetables

Smoked Artichokes with greens and herbs. Cranberry slaw. Kale and other greens with apples, beets, carrots and nuts. Spinach, orange with red cabbage salad. The list of salads you can make with the seasonal fruits and vegetables are endless. Make sure that the flavors don’t become too strong. Also make it colorful.

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