6 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Boyfriend

6 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Boyfriend

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus and both parties have been sent on Earth to deal with each other as peacefully as they can. Communication problems are the most rampant irritants present in most romantic relationships as the perspective of both sexes is quite radically different. We give you a few tips here about certain things to never mention to your boyfriend, so that there are no cracks in your relationship.

1. “I hate your mom”

Almost every guy is intrinsically a mama’s boy and would totally take offense on such a blatantly rude remark by you. If it’s a serious issue with his mom then you could explain it and take a stance for yourself with more maturity and better sounding words than touching these sensitive cords. Imagine how you would feel if he said the same about your mother.

2. “You should man up”

This sentence will have the required effect on him and hit home. However, you would be touching on a sensitive topic and questioning his manliness. This is something that men take to heart and never really forget. Better wordings such as, “Be a little more courageous” or “Take a stand next time” can very well be used in lieu of this.

3. “My ex was or did so and so”

Guys are possessive creatures and even those who don’t show it will hate listening to stories about your ex. While girls are wired differently and want to know about their partner’s ex, men are completely opposite and don’t want to ever get reminded of the fact that you were once someone else’s.

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