6 Things You Can Learn from Kim Kardashian’s Marriage

6 Things You Can Learn from Kim Kardashian's Marriage

Celebrity marriages can be an important lesson in making life altering decisions. One such celebrity is Kim Kardashian. Here are 6 things that you can learn from Kim Kardashian’s marriages.

1. She got married at the early age of 20

Kim first got married to the music producer Damon Thomas when she was only 20 years old. Her marriage at such a young age is a lesson that needs to be learnt so as to not jump into making impulsive decisions. At the age of 20, you are neither very established nor mature enough to handle the responsibility of marriage. Probably, this is what led to a messy divorce in 2004.

2. Her second marriage was short-lived

Kim’s marriage with basketball player Kris Humphries nearly ended in 72 days. This is a major lesson in marriage. You cannot get married to someone just because he is a great sports star and presents you with a beautiful ring. You need to analyze if you can live with each other knowing about the differences.

3. Her focus was more on lavish wedding celebrations

With history of multiple dating and endless marriages one would think that resources spent in terms of marriage expenditure should be dialed down a notch. When one is planning their second or third wedding, they must focus on the marriage rather than the wedding celebration.

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