6 Things Women are Insecure About

6 Things Women are Insecure About

Women are beautiful but many of them fail to recognize their beauty and tend to worry about their shortcomings. This makes them insecure about certain things which gets them even more worked up and they lose confidence. There are a number of such things that ladies are in doubt about, the commonest of which have been listed here.

1. Their body

The number one thing that every woman is insecure about is her body. This includes worrying about not being thin enough, not being curvy enough, not having certain facial features such as big eyes, fuller lips or having cellulite, among a host of other things. There is no woman out there who is completely at peace with her body.

2. Their grooming

Women have to battle the immense pressure of looking good daily for which media is to be blamed. Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by advertisements, magazines, TV shows, films, etc, advocating how women should look and giving out the message that women are not fine as they are but need to improve. This makes females insecure about their hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.

3. Their pictures

Women get quite paranoid even about pals from their Facebook friend list tagging them in pictures where they are not looking their best. Any picture they or someone else takes, has to be viewed in the camera right after it has been taken and approved for viewing and storage by the woman in question.

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