6 Things to Do to Make You Happy

6 Things to Do to Make You Happy

Being a woman, you do so much; give so much! While you take good care of everyone who is important to you, do you ever stop and take some time off to do things that make you happy? You deserve happiness simply because you are who you are! Here are a few things you can do to make yourself happy.

1. Eat

What can food not cure? A box of chocolate ice cream, a bag of chips with a cheesy dip, tacos and nachos!! Eat your heart out when you are not feeling happy, and you will feel better. True, eating will not cure the problems, but it sure lifts up the mood.

2. Shop

A trip to the mall, or your favorite stores, and buying your heart’s desires! If that does not cheer you up that means you really really need to go to a counselor; unless you are one of those who do not like new shiny things.

3. Dance

Put on your favorite music, turn up the volume, and just groove to it. All that energy will help you put in a high energy hence happy mood as well. Get rid of all that is keeping you down, and get your ecstasy back on.

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