6 Things to Do Before You Change Jobs

6 Things to Do Before You Change Jobs

Before you change your job, you need to be very sure about your decision. Is it going to benefit you in terms of career growth and monetary gains and meet your personal needs? There are many things you should know and should keep in mind before changing your job. Do not forget that your previous employer is going to give you a letter of recommendation, so you need to keep certain things in mind. Here are 5 things to do before you change your job.

1. Keep old contacts

Whenever you change your job do not leave your old contacts, be it your clients, colleagues, subordinates or supervisors. It is very important not to lose the connections and contacts that you have made because it can be useful at any point of time.

2. Be sure about your new job

Be sure that you have done enough research to hunt for your new job; you must not regret or be unemployed later. Be sure about a confirmation letter from your new job and then take the step of quitting your present job.

3. Provide a genuine reason for quitting

You have to give a concrete reason when you decide to quit a job, it is very important to give a convincing reason. In case you don’t, you will earn a bad name after years of working hard and it will affect both your appraisal and letter of recommendation. Make sure your alibis are singing the same saga as you are.

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