6 Things To Do After A Break Up

6 Things To Do After A Break Up

Have you had a breakup recently? Are you still not able to forget your partner? This kind of feeling of being stuck in that painful past is the worst one can experience. It’s a feeling that neither allows you to be in the present nor does it let you forget those past memories. But if you are confident and willing enough, it is not that difficult. There are a few ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ that can make it easier for you. Let’s look into these ‘rules of breakup’ to make the post breakup scene a little better.

1. Do not keep in touch with your ‘ex’ after breakup

Do not be stuck in a “let’s be friends” mode. Being in contact would make it even more difficult for you to forget your partner. You would again be imprisoned by the memories of the past which will no doubt act as a magnet pulling you back to those memories, you need to get rid of. Secondly, they will not let you move on.

2. Try out something adventurous

Go out with friends and try something adventurous, something different. This would distract you from the monotonous world you have been pushed into. Gradually, you will overcome your past and would start living in your present. If you are fond of reading, get yourself new books. Avoid ready mushy, romantic novels, which might aggravate the pain.

3. Free yourself from the memories

Let your heart lay to rest and swallow up the past. Destroy all possible things that remind you of the relationship including all your photos with your ex, letters, emails, gifts, else they will bind you to the past.

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