6 Things Men Do in Bed That Women Hate

6 Things Men Do in Bed That Women Hate

Sex is much more than just physical intimacy for women. They give a lot of emotional importance to having sex and expect men to do the same. Read ahead to know about the things that boys do in bed that girls hate.

1. Not Kissing

Some men do not kiss while having sex. It could be because they are more interested in the actual act of having intercourse, or because the position does not allow it to happen. Nevertheless, women like being kissed and caressed. It just adds to the beautiful experience of making love.

2. Making it all about sex

Women like to be told that they are loved and appreciated. Having sex doesn’t have to be monotonous or only physical. Paying attention only to the genitals and sexual parts doesn’t make a woman happy. Women hate when men treat sex like porn.

3. Keeping silent

Women don’t like it when the bedroom is filled with only the noise of panting and groaning. Loving and soothing words encourage and arouse women more than one can imagine. Saying sweet nothings must definitely be a part of the sex!

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