6 Nice Activities for Thanksgiving

6 Nice Activities for Thanksgiving

It is a holiday that brings us all together. If Christmas is all about forgiveness and hope, then thanksgiving is all about getting together as a whole and giving thanks to the fact that we are all healthy and accessible enough that we can get together. Since the holiday is all about getting together, you can come up with activities that involve everyone in the group. This way if you are having guests over, and if they are new friends or acquaintances, they can meet with the rest of the family. Here are some thanksgiving activities to make your holiday truly special.

1. Thanksgiving Dinner

Instead of making the dinner all by yourself and slaving at the kitchen for many hours to get everything ready for the family and the guests, you can include them in the preparation of the meal. Invite people into your kitchen earlier and involve them in the various activities like cutting, cleaning and preparation of the main dish, salads and desserts. The time spent in the kitchen would be a great time to bond.

2. Impromptu play

You can direct, star and produce an impromptu play in the living room or the yard and include everyone. The theme for the play could be based on thanksgiving or just about anything. This activity will not only bring out some big laughs, but it will also prove to be a great way to bond with the kids, friends and other members of the family. You will be surprised as to how much fun it can actually get when you are staging an impromptu play with ideas and discussions flying all over the place.

3. Dumb charades

This can be a definite fun activity to do. This can be done in pairs or done in groups. The bigger the group the quicker and more fun it is to play. Instead of choosing the regular topics, make the guessing more difficult by choosing some very unusual topics that are not usually selected for playing dumb charades.

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