6 Techniques to Shape Your Nails Perfectly

Techniques to Shape Your Nails Perfectly

Women spend so much time in shaping their nails, but the result is never satisfying. Women also prefer nail salons to get perfect nails. Do you know how to shape your nails perfectly? If you are in a fix, then we will give you some easy techniques to shape your nails, continue reading.

1. Shape according to your hands

Most women prefer square shaped nails. But, it is important to shape the nails according to the length of the fingers. Oval shaped nails normally suit longer fingers. Square shaped nails suit shorter fingers. For medium length, keep a combination of oval and square. This plays the most imperative role in making your nails look good.

2. Start with trimming

Trim your nails with the help of a nail clipper. Do not trim them deep, just a straight line would be fine. Many women tend to shape their nails with the nail clipper, which is not possible.

3. Use a nail filer

It is important to use a nail filer to shape your nails. Start with the edges and then use the filer at the center. For oval shaped nails, round the edges of the nails. For a straight look, use the filer on the upper edge. Keep in mind the length of each nail before filing. Use a good filer for getting good results. Most women use an emery board for nail filing, which is fine. You may get good results with this as well.

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