6 Sure Shot Ways to Win Him

6 Sure Shot Ways to Win Him

Love is something that just happens. But having said that, it doesn’t mean that absolutely no effort is required from both ends. You’ve probably tried too many times and failed, or let the good ones just slip by. But this one… this one is simply too good to be compromised on. This is a person you really really want. So unleash your go-getter attitude and put in all that you’ve got! Here are 6 sure shot ways to win him.

1. Be yourself

This may sound a tad bit clichéd, but it can surely work. Guys like girls who are natural. Of course, changing a few things here and there in your appearance or wearing something that he liked on you before is a different thing. But don’t change your entire self in the process of wooing him. If you aren’t a stiletto girl, then don’t force yourself into them. You will only end up walking like a penguin. And falling while you’re on date with him? Unbearably embarrassing. Being you and having the confidence to carry yourself off even in a pair of crocs is probably the biggest turn on for any guy.

2. Don’t just talk, also listen

Over talkative girls are only cute in movies; and also only in movies does the guy eventually warm up to her and ends up falling madly in love with her. Well this isn’t a movie and this is something that you are to definitely avoid. Every man wants an understanding girl. A man really appreciates if you try to know more about him. Know when to remain quiet and listen to him as much as you can. Try remembering some of his likes and dislikes and you will see how happy he will be when you bring them up if an occasion arises in the future.

3. Reciprocating is key

It’s true that men like a smart and intelligent woman. But that doesn’t mean that you read up on every bit of those nuclear deals and international treaties and shoot them at him. Try to have common topics of discussion. You can have heady conversations if you choose common subjects or passions that interest you both. You just need to be smart enough to reciprocate and keep up with the tempo. You’ll see how invigorating conversations can change things between the both of you.

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