6 Signs You’re not Prepared for an Exam

6 Signs You're not Prepared for an Exam

Being able to pass your tests or exams successfully entails hard work, regular studying and focus. If you haven’t been studying for whatever reasons, it will reflect in your preparation and impact your readiness to give an exam. Here are a few signs that you are not prepared for an exam.

1. You have no clue about the syllabus

One of the first signs of not being well prepared for an exam is that you have no idea about your coursework or syllabus. You are extremely clueless about how many chapters you have to study, what are the topics you need to be well versed with and how many areas of study have to be omitted. You can plan your exam preparation only if you have a clear idea about your curriculum.

2. You have missed a lot of classes

Have you bunked many classes just for fun? Have you been unable to attend school because of an illness? If you have been unable to take classes for any reason, chances are that you will be unaware of what has been happening in your school. And if you haven’t followed up with the same, the foundation for your exam preparation can be weak.

3. You are procrastinating studying

You are not likely to be well prepared for an exam if you constantly keep procrastinating your studies just because you are feeling lazy. Your laziness is indicative of the fact that you don’t feel comfortable in approaching your exam preparation in the first place. If you are delaying your studies out of sheer boredom, you are likely to be totally unprepared.

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