6 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship is Doomed

6 Signs Your Long Distance Relationship is Doomed

Your long distance relationship could be hitting rock bottom for various reasons including the fact that you and your boyfriend have become complacent or become overly obsessed with each other. Know these common signs that show when a long distance relationship is doomed and a breakup is inevitable.

1. You don’t talk to each other regularly

Is your boyfriend always busy when you call? Are your routines and priorities getting in the way of regular phone conversations? Although these are practical problems that often occur in long distance relationships, couples who are truly in love with each other make it a point to get past these hurdles and find a way out. The fact that you and your partner rarely get a chance to return each others’ phone calls and have regular conversations, may be a sign that the spark in your long distance relationship has fizzled out.

2. You constantly keep fighting with each other on the phone

No couple, whether in a long distance relationship or not, is spared from petty fights. But these petty fights are supposed to end when either of the partners lets go of an unnecessary stance. If the fights in your long distance relationship never seem to have an end, you should try to find out if the source of all your arguments is a deeper sense of frustration from the relationship itself. Talk this out with your partner and ask him if he is frustrated with the relationship.

3. You don’t plan to meet each other

Couples in long distance relationships yearn to see each other all the time. Their conversations often center around making plans to see each other. If you and your boyfriend are always veering away from talking about this, it can mean various things. You both could be taking each other for granted, either of you has different priorities in life or the romance in your relationship has died down because of the distance. Assess the situation of your relationship and make a conclusion accordingly.

4. You have to set a reminder to call your boyfriend

If your long distance relationship is genuine, romantic and full of love for each other, you would never have to go to the lengths of setting a reminder to call your boyfriend. If you are doing this, it means that you are in your long distance relationship only for the sake of it. It also means that talking to your boyfriend has become a chore for you, rather than an emotional necessity.

5. You don’t have much to talk about

Communication is critical in all relationships, especially in long distance relationships. If you find yourself having many awkward moments while talking to your boyfriend, you are probably reaching a point when you both need to take stock of your relationship. Couples in love usually have no dearth of things to talk about. So if you have to fish for conversation starters, your relationship may be doomed.

6. There is growing sign of doubt and suspicion in your relationship

Do you keep calling your partner to keep checking on him? Would your partner constantly message you if you told him that you were going to a party with your friends? Are you having doubts over your partner’s loyalty towards you? Increasing doubts and suspicion may be a sign that a long distance relationship is going sour. Long distance relationships are based on implicit trust and if that seems to be lacking, your relationship may have lost its foundation.

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