6 Signs Your Best Friend is in a Relationship

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Things can get tough and nasty when your best friend starts seeing a guy, and is unable to spare much time for you. Here are a few signs that you should look out for if you want to know whether your best friend is in a relationship with someone or not.

1. Your best friend does not return your calls

There were times when you and your best friend used to chat with each other for hours together, and now she doesn’t even return your calls. If this is happening to you, there could be two valid reasons; either your best friend could be going through troubled times or she could be seeing someone who she doesn’t want to tell you about.

2. Your best friend’s plans don’t include you anymore

It is but natural that once your best friend starts seeing someone, she is not going to have enough time for you like before. She is likely to have her own plans with her new boyfriend because of which you can feel ignored and left out. If you find that your best friend’s plans are getting more and more private day after day, you may take it as a sign of her being in a relationship.

3. You and your best friend fight over silly matters

If your best friend is seeing someone, and not telling you about it, she could become fickle minded and lose her tempter often. This can happen because may be constantly struggling to hide her boyfriend from you and the white lies she tells you cover him up. A sign that your best friend is in a relationship could be that she fights with you over silly matters for no real reason.

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