6 Signs You are the Other Woman

6 Signs You are the Other Woman

If you have recently started doubting why your boyfriend is behaving in a peculiar manner, chances are that he might be two-timing you. Here are a few tell tale signs to find out if you are the other woman in your relationship or not.

1. He always calls you back

One of the most prominent signs of your boyfriend acting fishy is that he never takes your calls in the first go. He always calls you back after some time or replies to you via text messages. This could mean that he is in the presence of another woman when you call and he wants to avoid arousing her suspicion. It may be acceptable if his phone gives you a busy tone once in a while, but a recurring episode of the kind may spell trouble.

2. He always seems to be busy

If your boyfriend is a working professional, he may be fairly busy. But if you catch him busy even at the oddest hour of the day, he could be married or engaged to another woman. The fact that you can’t do anything with him spontaneously means that there are things that he has been hiding from you. If you want to double check on this tip, try calling him at a random hour in the day or surprise him by showing up at his office and see how he reacts.

3. He is never with you on holidays

If holidays are a complete no-no for him in your relationship, it could be a sign that you are the other women. A married man with a family is likely to busy with on weekends and on other public holidays. If he strategically refuses to make plans with you on weekends or pretends that he is overloaded with office work, it could mean that he is occupied with another woman or his family. This is one of the easiest ways to know if you are the other woman or not.

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