6 Signs You Are Not Ready For Sex

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Figuring out whether you are ready for sex or not can sometimes get very difficult. If you have had some bad sexual experiences in the past or are a virgin or have just started dating someone, then knowing when is the right time to have sex can get confusing. We give you some signs that tell you are not ready for sex.

1. You aren’t comfortable with it

Before you engage in having sex with someone, ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Is it because you feel obliged to do it since you guys have been dating for a while? Is it because everyone else seems to enjoy having sex? Is it because the guy wants you to? Is it because you want to prove a point? If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then it is a clear sign that you are not ready for sex yet. The only reason that you should consider having sex with someone is because you want to do it!

2. You aren’t comfortable with him

Engaging in a sexual practice should happen with someone that you feel extremely comfortable with. You should be able to discuss issues like using protection or STD testing with him. In case you are not sure about sex, then you should be able to share that with him as well. If you do not feel the ease of a healthy communication with a guy, then you are not ready for sex.

3. You aren’t ready to take your relationship to the next level

Always remember that engaging in sex could make you feel extremely attached to the person. This is especially true for women. They feel an extreme surge of emotions after they have sex with a guy. Know that an act like that will make you feel more serious about the guy. If you are not ready to take your relationship to the next level, then you are not ready for sex.

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Photo Courtesy : Deklofenak ©crestock.com
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