6 Signs You are Being Stalked

Signs You are Being Stalked

Stalking has emerged as one of the most dreaded crimes against women in the past few years. Some women even know their stalkers personally, hence, they don’t realize that they are in a potentially dangerous situation. If your intuition is telling you that someone keeps watching you every time you go out, then read the following signs. These signs will help you find out if you are being stalked.

1. If you bump into the same guy constantly

Your stalker may be lurking around your workplace or your neighborhood. So, get alert and notice the people around you carefully. If you are constantly bumping into the same guy outside your office, home and grocery store, then it is possible that you are being stalked. If the same guy parks his car next to yours in the garage, then he might be a stalker. On the other hand, running into the same guy in the gym does not make him a stalker. But, if you see the same guy at a mall or in your neighborhood more than once, then he might be a stalker.

2. If you get a feeling of being watched most of the times

A stalker will follow you from a distance. He may gather your personal information and talk to the ones who are closest to you. He may take pictures of you, ask your friends about you and collect information about you from sources like public records, social networking websites etc. He may hire a private detective as well to follow you. This will help him learn every minute detail about your private life. So, if your intuition ever tells you that you are being watched or followed by a particular car or person then it is possible that you are being stalked. If you persistently recognize the same person in a crowd then you may be under the observation of a stalker.

3. If you are repeatedly getting blank calls or missed calls

Beware if you are getting multiple calls every single day from a person you just know casually. If you are getting silent messages on your answering machine or blank calls, then this may be a stalker calling you. When this person calls you up, tell him to stop calling. You can say, “Stop calling or I will lodge a complain against you.” This will make the person speak up if he or she is your friend and is playing a prank on you. If this person still doesn’t stop, then call the police.

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