6 Signs You are a Hypochondriac

6 Signs You are a Hypochondriac

Hypochondria is a debilitating psychological disorder that can affect an individual’s routine and relationships. Hypochondriacs tend to consider a minor illness as a major disease or construe some symptoms as some life threatening disease even after medical reports show otherwise. So, this condition is better identified at the earliest. Listed below are some glaring signs to watch out for if you are a hypochondriac.

1. You are obsessed about medical tests and their results

Hypochondriacs are obsessive about conducting medical tests on one or more illnesses or health disorders.They frantically try to get every little piece of information from all sources to confirm if they match with that of theirs. Their frequent medical check-ups include the simple ones like pulse or blood pressure and also the more elaborate ones that include MRI scans, exploratory surgeries and/or echocardiograms.

2. You constantly think that you have some health problem

If you constantly think that you are affected by some health problem and aren’t in the best of your health, then you may be a hypochondriac. What’s more, you may constantly feel that you are undergoing some major disorder and may not be able to recover from the problem.

3. You visit your doctor repeatedly

Hypochondriacs frequent the doctor’s office to consult on some illness even after being proved wrong. Frequently changing doctors to get multiple opinions and validating them against your own is another common sign.

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