6 Signs You are a High Maintenance Girl

6 Signs You are a High Maintenance Girl

Usually men squirm at the idea of dating a high maintenance girl- she can be extremely fussy, her taste and airs can drive them absolutely ballistic. If your happiness comes first for you and you have heavy materialistic expectations from your boyfriend or date, here are 6 signs that indicate that you are a high maintenance girl.

1. You only like to go to expensive restaurants

You always have to go to “some place nice”, cheap Chinese food and egg rolls home delivered is not good enough for you. You hate the prospect of stepping down from your comfortable car seat to enjoy road side food. In fact you find it extremely unhealthy and unhygienic. You only go to overpriced restaurants which serve tiny portions of food over a five course meal.

2. You insist on movies, brunch and clubs

Spending time with your money, involves expenditure. You insist that you hold hands and go for movies every now and then, have ice cream or a coffee more than often. Even go for regular brunch and clubs. It has to be happening and in style with no compromises made because of money.

3. You do not appreciate going with your date in a public transport

Taking the sub way is out of question. You refuse to go by buses and judge your partner by the car he has. You will certainly not go on a bike. The car has to suit your standards and has to be spic and span. Because you are very concerned by the way people judge you.

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