6 Signs That He Is Going To Propose To You

6 Signs That He Is Going To Propose To You

Our wedding is something that we women dream about all our lives. Right from when we are little, we dream about a Prince who’ll come and sweep us off our feet. Indeed the day your man proposes to you is a day that you will never forget all your life. Obviously this day is going to be special. Are you waiting for the time when the love of your life will pop the question? Is he giving you little hints that he is going to go down on his knees really soon? Don’t you miss these hints, my dear. I’ll tell you how to pick the signs by reading between the lines.

1. The romance is back

When the two of you started dating, he must have been treating you like a real princess, caring for your every need and keeping on reminding you how happy he is with you. As time flew, this concern must have worn down a bit. Now all of a sudden, your man starts to behave just like before. He calls you up more than he normally does. He sends you presents for no random reason. He holds your hand while walking with you. He tells you that he loves you often. He makes that extra effort to always be there for you. Well, if he has being doing all of this a little more often than he usually does, then my dear I can sense that the wedding ring has already been hidden somewhere.

2. He talks about a future with you

When he refers to his future plans, there will be more of ‘us’ than ‘me’. He will make plans with you for the far off future like visiting a country one day or living in a particular place with you. He will try to ask you more about your future plans like 10 years down the line. He will also advice you about what he thinks you should do in future. He may try to question you directly or indirectly about what you really want in life. He may do this so that he can prepare himself accordingly to give you such a future.

3. He sends you gifts of long-lasting nature

Roses and chocolates are common gifts that lovers send to each other. But when a man is sure that he is going to settle down with you forever, he will also send you different types of gifts. They will be gifts that last for a very long time. For example, a pet animal, a car, a house or even diamonds. He sends you such gifts because he’s now completely sure that you are going to be with him forever.

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