6 Signs People are Using You at Work

6 Signs People are Using You at Work

Everyone is part of the rat-race in this competitive world. Some win, some are left far behind, some struggle in the middle and yet some others just don’t care. In whichever category you fall, ensure that you are not used by someone for any gains, temporary or permanent. But do you know how to find out if people are taking advantage of you? Check out 5 signs that will let you know that people are using you at work.

1. They approach you more than once

Have you ever done a favor for someone without expecting anything in return? Remember, there are people who try to take advantage of this attitude of yours. Once they understand that you blindly accept their request of getting something done for them, they will seek the similar kind of help again. You will just be a means to get their things done. Beware of such nasty lot.

2. They decide things for you

Caution! When you hear someone telling you “You are the best,” “You do it perfectly”, remember these are just pleasantries. They clearly want to get something from you. They at times even decide by when you need to do certain things. Such is the command they have on you. So, don’t fall for such sweet talk.

3. They treat you as ‘doormat’

Even when you know that office is not the right place to make real friends, do you end up taking others’ responsibilities on your shoulders? You always want to be in the good books of others, so you just don’t feel like saying ‘No’ to them. If you do it on a regular basis, remember you are just becoming a doormat for others. You will never be respected and will just be taken for granted.

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