6 Signs of a Serial Cheater

6 Signs of a Serial Cheater

If a guy is cheating on you and is successfully covering it up, then you wouldn’t know. Some guys get so use to cheating and also become experts in doing it without anyone knowing about it. There are always loop holes about serial cheaters. There can be ways to tell if someone is a serial cheater. Here are 6 signs of a serial cheater.

1. He has a past cheating record

There are chances a guy is a serial cheater if he has a record of doing that in his previous relationships. A person would do the mistake of cheating once but repeating it does make him a serial cheater.

2. He is extremely charming and chivalrous

Serial cheaters are charmers; they know all the ways and moves to attract women. The kind of image they create becomes irresistible for women. If he is a serial cheater he’ll treat women with all respect and give them so much of importance and attention that he’ll seem like a dream boy.

3. He is a smooth talker

A serial cheater would be a master of words. He would know exactly how to trap you in his words. They have this charm about the way they speak and what they say is very flattering which easily attracts women.

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