6 Signs He is a Womanizer

6 Signs He is a Womanizer

It is easy to spot a guy who is a womanizer or has a habit of flirting with just about any girl he meets. Just watch out for some of these tell-tale signs of a man who is a womanizer.

1. He always talks in a flirty tone

If your guy always talks in a flirty tone with you and other women, he may be a womanizer. Don’t brush this off as something that does not bother you because his habit may be a sign of a more deep rooted problem. Flirting with you or flirting with other women once in a while may be acceptable, but it should be a red signal for you if he keeps doing it all the time.

2. He always checks out other women even when you are with him

Does he always keep checking out other women even when you are with him? If your guy keeps doing this, he may be showing signs of being a womanizer. When he is with you, his eyes should not be wandering at other women. Just the fact that you are right in front of him should be enough reason to grab his full attention.

3. He has no guy friends

Are all his close friends female? If a guy has very few guy friends as compared to many female friends, it may be a sign that he is a womanizer. An easy way to check this is to go through his phonebook or his friend list on Facebook. Look at his friend list on social networks and note his activity. Are all the posts and messages on his profile from females? Does he have very few male contacts in his friend list? If this is the case, there may be a situation which is deeper than just the fact that he is popular with girls.

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