6 Secrets You Need to Keep to Make Your Relationship Work

6 Secrets You Need to Keep to Make Your Relationship Work

Sometimes, it is very tempting to let out a secret especially when you are in the company of your girl friends. But, while some secrets are harmless and do not pose a threat; many others can turn disastrous for your relationship. Also, you got to put yourself in the shoes of your partner to think if you’d like that treatment yourself. So, here are some secrets you need to keep to make your relationship work or last.

1. His emotional moment

Most men don’t like to cry but there can arise some emotional moments when he feels vulnerable or depressed and may have shed a tear. He might have done in that in your presence because he trusts you and feels most comfortable when he’s with you. Now, don’t break that trust by sharing his emotional moments with others. Somehow, crying makes a man feel less masculine and should be the best kept secrets.

2. Don’t put dirty linen in public

Fights and arguments are very common amongst couples. And if you want to keep your relationship, then do not discuss them with your friends however supportive they are. This does not mean you sustain an abusive relationship but misunderstandings or differences of opinion between the two of you are not public interest and shouldn’t also be discussed. They are a couple’s best kept secrets no.2.

3. Intimate affairs

What you do with your boyfriend or husband in private and those little intimate things are meant for your eyes and ears and hands only. Do not include your romantic escapades however proud you are in conversations with your friends. You wouldn’t like it if your boyfriend talked about how good you are in bed with his friends, would you? So don’t indulge in such conversations yourself.

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