6 Romantic Things to do on New Years Eve

6 Romantic Things to do on New Years Eve

Whether you are a new couple or celebrating your years of togetherness as a couple who are very much in love, you need to be creative and do something more romantic this year. Think of something beautiful and memorable that will stay with your partner for ever.

1. Candle light dinner

It’s a bit cliche but it always works if he is the type who just loves to spend quite evenings with you with lovely jazz music playing in the background. Order his favorite meal, open up the champagne bottle and you will have the New Year’s Eve to remember. But make sure you make reservations in advance.

2. Star gazing

Here is a chance to say “I love you” yet another time or if you haven’t then you won’t get a better opportunity. Find a star gazing spot, arrange for a telescope and a small new year’s cake. Gaze at the stars all night long and admire the fireworks in the sky.

3. Private party on a yacht

Arrange for a private yacht for those who have a water body around. He is going to absolutely love it! All night long, listening to waves, opening champagne and relaxing on the yacht is all you want to do with him on this New Year’s Eve.

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