6 Reasons You Should Never Compare Your man to Another

6 Reasons You Should Never Compare Your man to Another

Any man will find it difficult to forget or forgive when you compare him with another man. It’s not just something that will hurt his feelings, it’s also an unkind thing to do. Here, are some good reasons why you should never compare your man with another.

1. Do unto others…

You must not compare your man with another simply because you wouldn’t like to receive the same treatment yourself. Treat others the same way you like to be treated. And what will you do if your man turns around and starts comparing you to other women?

2. Is the grass really greener?

There is a cliched but very true saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Just because you think another man might be better or kinder or nicer, does not mean it’s really true. Also, you are only seeing a glimpse of the other side and not the whole thing.

3. The ‘Ex’ factor

You might have had a boyfriend with whom it never worked. There could be something good in your ex that is lacking in your current man. This does not serve as an excuse to compare your ex with your man. This is insulting to him and there are huge chances that this one could turn into an ex himself.

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