6 Reasons You don’t have a Boyfriend

9 Reasons You don’t have a Boyfriend

Instead of cribbing about not having a boyfriend, if you would stop to think, you will come up with enough reasons as to why you don’t have a boyfriend. It is not easy as admitting your faults to yourself and being honest about your feeling and analyzing them is not most difficult thing you will ever have to do. There are some obvious reasons and some that aren’t too visible. Know your faults, your fears, be honest with your expectations and you will know why you are single. Here are a few possible reasons you don’t have a boyfriend.

1. You may be gay

You may be gay, not know it or not willing to admit it or are confused about your sexuality that you don’t find men interesting. You could also be a closet gay and stay away from guys. Not that being gay is bad or unnatural, but you need to accept it and come out.

2. You are a narcissist

You are so in love with yourself that you cannot look beyond yourself. Sometimes you are so consumed by your own life that it seems a waste of time to share your life with someone else and rather prefer to be single.

3. You are possessive and clingy

And manage to scare away most men you meet even before they get to know you well. No one likes a possessive partner and if you realize you are being clingy or possessive and that’s the reason you don’t have a boyfriend, maybe it’s time you tried to change and be more independent.

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