6 Reasons Women Must Quit Smoking

6 Reasons Women Must Quit Smoking

Smoking kills. It is a lousy addictive habit that not only harms you, but puts the people around you in harm’s way. It causes numerous health complications. Research has proved that smoking is more injurious to women’s health than men. Smoking gives you a false illusion of relieving stress, but in truth, smoking builds up a huge residue of tar in your lungs, causing cancer and other respiratory illnesses. You smell like cigarettes and carry around the smell with you wherever you go. Sometimes even perfumes do not help in getting rid of the smell. There are many reasons as to why women should not smoke and here are a few important reasons.

1. Health

Smoking really kills. It kills you faster than men and makes you more susceptible to CHD -coronary heart disease. It is hard enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle with processed foods, why add smoking to it and die young?

2. You put your baby at risk

Smoking when you are pregnant not only affects your health, but puts the health of your unborn baby at grave risk.

3. Unhealthy environment for kids

If you smoke and have kids around, there is always the need to hide it from them. Or if you do it openly, realize that kids look up to you and would imitate you sooner or later.

4. Stained teeth

Stained teeth look bad on anyone and it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man. The sad truth is that women are judged more than men.

5. Early death

Research shows that women smokers on an average die 14.5 years earlier than nonsmokers. You do not want to be the one to induce an early death.

6. Smoking is linked to infertility

Smoking very rarely causes infertility but it definitely increases your risks of infertility if you are a chain smoker. If you are trying to have a baby, it is best that you quit smoking.

Smoking is injurious, no matter what type of cigarettes you smoke. Quit smoking, lead a healthy life and also keep the air for the people around you smoke-free.

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