7 Reasons Why Your Ex will Come Back to You

7 Reasons Why Your Ex will Come Back to You

Guys break up because of different reasons but there are times when they would give another try and would want to patch up. They would give you signals and try to come into your life once again. This depends on you whether you want the patch up too. Here are 7 reasons your ex wants you back.

1. He misses you

After the breakup the guy would have realized that he misses being with you. He misses spending time with you and being close to you. He wants to be with you. Hence, he would want to come back to you.

2. He wants a second chance

The guy feels that he should give the relationship another chance or maybe he wants to give you another chance by forgiving you for your mistake. He thinks it’s worth a second chance and so he wants to come back to you.

3. He needed time off

The breakup was like a break for him and now he has a clear mind. There are times when you think it’s the end but it’s really not. Since he has a clear mind now, he wants to be back in the relationship.

4. He is attached to you

Even after the breakup the attachment doesn’t go easily. If the guy has very strong attachment towards you he would want to come back to you.

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