6 Reasons Why You Should not Send Your Child to a Boarding School

6 Reasons Why You Should not Send Your Child to a Boarding School

Boarding school is a challenge for both, the parents and the child. Nonetheless, it is a choice and sacrifice deliberately made with the best of intentions. However, sometimes boarding schools are found to be doing more of bad things to the child than good. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t send your child to a boarding school.

1. Home is the best place for nurturing a child

Nobody would deny the fact that parents’ care and concern is incomparable when it comes to nurture a child. The innate quality that parents possess of knowing what their children need comes to them instinctively, something that cannot be expected from boarding schools.

2. Your child may get lost in the crowd

Boarding schools have hundreds of students. Your child may find himself/herself lost in that lot. It goes without saying that paying proper care and attention to each and every student is not possible.

3. Your child may develop hidden fears

Most parents primarily send their children to boarding schools with the hope that their child will learn to face his/her fears on his/her own and come out victorious. However, it’s often seen that a child fails to cope with his fears or insecurities and in turn becomes more and more reclusive and closed to the people around him/her. The situation becomes worse when depression sinks in to a level where they even refuse to share anything with their parents. This leaves a long lasting negative effect on their personalities.

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